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Galaxy Training Australia – RSA Course Online Review

This page reviews RSA course provider, Galaxy Training Australia and their courses. The provider information is coming from the course website or other websites. We will do our best to make sure the information is correct.

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Galaxy Training Australia Pty. Ltd. is a Registered Training Organization (RTO#40698) based in Queensland. We operate under the guidelines of the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) and ensure to follow all the requirements stated by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

Click Galaxy Training Australia RTO details to go to (TGA) website and check our organisation details.

With the use of latest technology, we aim to provide exceptional online training experience to our students. Our courses are designed to be easy, flexible, and interactive.


Phone:+61 07 3062 7222

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Rating: 3.6/5 (111 votes cast)
Galaxy Training Australia - RSA Course Online Review, 3.6 out of 5 based on 111 ratings

13 Responses to Galaxy Training Australia – RSA Course Online Review

  1. I have constantly tried to contact Galaxy training…if you ever have issues of internet or being locked out….you will be so frustrated with the length of time you have to wait. Its insane having to wait up to two hours…when I could have finished and completed the course in the same amount of time…..good luck with the wait

  2. Everything went well, some bad grammar and English made some questions difficult to understand but other than that it was good. Only complaint is the way they advertised the course as “$15 with no hidden costs” but at the end you have to also pay $15 for a hard copy of the certificate which they point out during the course that you must be able to provide to your employer with one, a bit sneaky.

    • if your employer needs copy…you can download copy from site when you complete course for FREE…then print off your computer…this is all that is legally required.

  3. It was fine.
    Some bad grammar which made the questions hard to understand at times, it even if you got it wrong, you got another chance anyway.
    Was $14.99 but then you could pa an extra $15,, which was OPTIONAL, to get a hard copy mailed to you.
    I didn’t opted for that and had my certificate emailed to me within 15 minutes.
    Took me an hour to do.

  4. Did this RSA course for $9.99 without buying the hard copy of the certificate (which you pay $15 for it to be mailed to you and is optional), had no problems with this course overall and support replied quickly when I sent any email inquiries. Really worth for its price especially if you just need this for a job.

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