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Express Online Training – RSA Course Online Review

This page reviews RSA course provider, Express Online Training and their courses. The provider information is coming from the course website or other websites. We will do our best to make sure the information is correct.

For RSA course students, if  you or your friends have done any courses from this provider, please give it a rating and leave comment. That will help a lot for other people looking for a quality RSA course.

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First Impressions

The website at is clean, professional and really well laid out. We had no problems finding the information we wanted. There are a bunch of cool tools available on the site such as a built in translator so that you can do the online RSA course in other languages. You also have the ability to adjust the font size, and the site works great on tablets and mobile devices.

There are some articles about how to pick an online RSA training provider, which are actually quite useful (even if they are a bit biased). A list of useful resources for completing your online RSA course, Frequently Asked Questions and thousands of customer reviews (over 23,000 unique customer ratings – which makes one of the biggest providers of RSA training in Australia). The average rating is just under 5 stars which is impressive with that number of customers

“Pay only when you pass” – Probably the best feature of Once you register with EOT, you are able to complete the free online course and knowledge assessment questions. You are only asked for payment if you pass and choose to go on to obtain the full RSA – ‘SITHFAB002 Provide responsible service of alcohol’ certificate. Simply complete your formal enrolment application, finalise your payment, then successfully carry out the remaining assessment activities.

EOT even provides an interactive online simulated industry workplace, to help you finish your final assessment.


$24 – The standard price for the online RSA course at is $49 (excluding NSW and Tasmania), but they were nice enough to provide us with an exclusive deal so that if you use the link on below you get it for just $24. That makes it one of the cheapest RSA courses around.

Discount link ($24) QLD, WA, SA, NT, TAS:
Discount link ($119) NSW: also offers to “automatically beat any price by 10%”. The process for this is pretty straight forward. Go to the bottom of any page and click on “beat a price by 10%”. They ask you to enter the competitor’s website address (where you saw the other price) and to enter the price you saw. Then their website does a quick check and gives you a discount.

They also offer bundles and further discounts if you pay for other courses at the same time, such as Responsible Gambling Services (RSG, RGS, RCG) online, or the Construction White Card online.

Accreditation is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) so their courses are fully accredited with the federal government. shows that they are accredited to deliver the RSA in all Australian states and territories, online version works for QLD, WA, SA, NT , NSW and TAS.

There is a link down the bottom of the page at which allows you to view their accreditation directly on which is great for peace of mind.

Ease of Use

Signing up is really easy. They only ask you for your name, email address, date of birth and a password. A lot of training sites ask for a tonne of info up front. They do ask you to read and agree to the student handbook. I recommend having a quick look through the handbook, it has some really useful info in it.

When you start the course there are some pop-up tool tips to show you how to use the training software. At first I found these a little annoying as I just wanted to get started, but there are only a few and if you read them you will save a lot of time in the long run.

The online RSA course itself is pretty easy to do. There are 100 questions. Most of them are multiple choice or true/false. There are a couple of “fill in the blanks” questions which basically take a quote from the course notes and ask you to complete it by adding one or two words. It is really easy to find the appropriate part of the course notes to answer each question as the question tells you where to look and even has a “view slide” button which will take you to the correct section and highlight it.

You can flick back and forth easily between the notes and the questions without losing your place which is great, and if you get a question wrong it lets you know straight away and gives you another try.

We have done a number of RSA courses so it only took us about 30 mins to get through this one, but if you are new to the RSA it would probably take 2-3 hours which is pretty standard.

When you start the RSA course you are automatically emailed a link which allows you to log in and resume your course where you left it at any time with one click. Fantastic if you are short on time, or have trouble remembering which site you went to or what you login details were.


It is pretty obvious that wants you to try and figure out most of your support issues for yourself before you contact them. With so many students I can see why. Their “support” section opens to the FAQ (frequently asked questions) which is informative and probably enough to satisfy most inquiries. There is also a “contact us” tab, which asks you to select your type of support issue. They then give further information (similar to the FAQ) to try and help solve the issue for you. If your question still isn’t answered they provide you with their phone numbers and an email contact form.

We always like to call online training providers to make sure that they are locally based and actually have staff available. We called their 1300 number a few times and were able to speak to three different staff members. Pete, Hanna and Michelle were all really friendly, attentive and helpful. We also sent an email request for support and received a reply within a couple of hours which is pretty good.

Conclusion is one of the biggest & best online RSA providers. Their website is clear and easy to use, the process is straight forward, the course itself is well constructed and informative, the support is great, the price we have negotiated for you is amazing, and since you don’t have to pay until you pass there is no reason not to dive in!



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