Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate

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Cheapest RSA Victoria Courses Compare

This list  will save you a lot of work finding the cheapest RSA course in Melbourne. The information is subject to course providers’ change. Lowest price is as of the time we visit their websites. We will endeavor to make sure the information is up to date. Course providers are welcome to contact us if any information in the list is incorrect. To check out the RSA regulations in Victoria, please check out the VCGLR site.

ProviderLowest Price($)DeliveryReviews
Job Trainer Australia58onlinereviews
RSA Course Victoria38classroomreview
Hospitality Training Australia40classroomreviews
Victorian Bar School40classroomreviews
The Coffee School50classroomreviews
Edway Training55classroomreviews
Eclipse Training50classroomreviews
Complete Hospitality Training40classroomreviews
Brighton Institute of Technology40classroomreviews
Service It Up60classroom
RGIT Australia49classroom
Franklyn Scholar69classroomreviews
MEGT Institute50classroomreviews
RSA St Kilda55classroomreviews
William Angliss Institute49classroomreviews
Complex Training Academy70classroomreviews
Master Grocers Australia85classroomreviews

As you can see from the above table, to get RSA certificate in Melbourne, it costs you range from $35 to $85 depending on the course provider. To sort the price, click the lower price column. There is no problem with the cheap course as long as the course provider is a Registered Training Organisation (ROT).To check if your course provider is a ROT, you can check out this government site.

How to get RSA certificate in Melbourne

According to Victorian government regulation, you have to do a face-to-face responsible course to get your RSA certificate. Online course is not accepted in VIC except for the bridging or refresher online course.

RSA training covers the following topics:RSA Certificate VIC sample

  • problems associated with excessive consumption
  • alcohol and the law
  • the question of who is responsible for RSA
  • facts about alcohol
  • improving the atmosphere of your premises
  • handling difficult customers

Training course normally just a day course lasting for about 4 – 6 hours. The national credit course code is: SITHFAB002. Once you completed the course and pass the test, you will a certificate on the day. See attached sample of the certificate.

Online Refresher Course

In Victoria, online RSA course is not accepted, but they do accept online refresher course. I created a dedicated page for the refresher course, you can find it here..

RSA certificate lost

I got a lot of questions from visitor asking for reprinting their RSA certificate. We are not course provider so I cannot reprint the certificate for you but according to Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor regulation(VCGLR), course providers can manage their students’ certificate via VCGLR website. If you can remember where you did the course, you can contact them and they should be able to reprint the certificate for you. All accredited RTOs in Victoria  can use the RSA certificate database to manage RSA participants, issue certificates, order materials and manage other RSA training related transactions.

If you require a reprint of your RSA certificate, please contact the VCGLR by phoning 1300 182 457 or email will cost you $16.50 for a replacement certificate.

Use another state’s Responsible Service of Aalcohol certificate in Victoria

Another question I have been asked a lot is if  RSA certificate from another state of Australia is valid in Victoria. The answer is yes if your certificate satisfies the following conditions:

  • Your certificate is not older than 3 years.
  • You got your certificate through face to face training.
  • Your course has nationally accredited training unit SITHFAB002. Normally they are printed on your certificate.

Once the above conditions are met, you can convert your certificate by doing an online bridging course which is free.

Note: you don’t have to convert your certificate from other state if you are serving alcohol to one-off events of short term functions.