Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate

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First Warm Up Shift

my story at work

With my new job I can do a RSA Online course for free. Even my RSA certificate is not expired yet, I still want to give it a go to refresh my memory.

You can tell the course is very specific to South Australia because about one third of the questions are about South Australia Alcohol Act. It is all about how much fine you will get if you have offence.

I am supposed to finish the course and test in 40 minutes. But I was stuck there for 3 hours. A lot of questions you won’t be able to find the straight answers from the slides.

Also quite a few questions are open note questions, which means there are no options to choose and I have to used my own words. I was really struggle with the answers. Eventually I finished the test and submitted my answers.

My feeling was at least I will get a pass even not high mark. The course provider had someone manually mark my answers. A few days later I was told I failed my test with score 72%.

Damn! I have to do it again. Luckily I don’t need to pay for it. Trouble is once I submit my answers, all the answers won’t stay in my account. When I do the test again, I will spend another 3 hours. What a bummer!

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