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From Beer to Coffee

my story at work

Since the Ashes Cup I have been working at the coffee cart for the last few shifts. I am not trained as a barista and I don’t know why they put me at the coffee cart. Don’t get me wrong,I am keen to learn but I am more comfortable working in the bar. To work at the coffee cart, I have to learning everything from scratch. You may think making coffee is easy process, just do the shot, froth the milk and pour it out. To get these steps right, it takes a lot of practice.

Some customers really don’t give you chance to make mistakes. During my last shift, I was making coffee for a middle age lady. It took me a bit longer because I did’t froth the milk properly. Even she was waiting for just 5 minutes, she complained to me saying I didn’t know what I am doing and told me she had been waiting for 15 minutes. She walked off without waiting for me to fill the coffee cup up with milk. What a bitch! Some customers are really lovely, they know you are learning and they praised me when I handed them over a cup of very ordinary coffee.

I miss my bar shift. It is easy and straight forward. Hope one day I can get back to bar but who knows.

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