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Stay or Quit

my story at work

It has been quite a long time since last time I wrote a story from work due to my very busy personal life.

Time really flies. It is almost the end of January 2016! Can you believe that. Also that means I have been behind the bar for this organisation for 3 years now.

I have a lot of shifts recently as the company takes on more and more events. Also I am getting very good at what I am doing. Yesterday is Australia day. There was a cricket match last night. I started my shift quite early and had been moved to another bar for a little white before going back to my bar. I was silly not to log off my till and sign off. Not sure I will get money for that.

After a short while, I went back to my bar. Not long after I started my shift, people just keep coming and coming. There were quite a few dramas caused by the new hires. I had to service alcohol and  taking money at the same time. I ran around almost the whole night. Due to policy of working 6 hours and then I have to take a break, I decided to leave before 6 hours. But when I left, somehow the supervisor asked my sign off without putting my finish time, which concerns me now. When left the bar, they were still very busy serving the customer.

But for me, I had enough, I just want to go home and relax. On the way to my car, I was thinking myself: is it really worth it keep working here. I don’t learn much and the paid is not as good as I expected. I should spend my time on  getting better skills and as a result of that getting better pay when I am still young.

Should I stay or quite? Not sure!

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