Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate

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Free RSA Test Questions and Answers for Practice

Question types

Different course providers may have different assessment formats. But their questions fall into the following main categories:

  • Short answer questions
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Single choice questions
  • Scenario
  • Role play on a real workplace or simulated environment

Tips to pass the RSA course test

Some people are very afraid of sitting exam due to the stress involved. But I can ensure you that it is quite easy to pass the test to get your Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate especially you are doing the course online. Trust me it is easy than you though.

Just in case you fail the test in the first time, you need to have a text editor open while you are answering the questions. As you are progressing the test, copy and past the questions and your answers into your text editor. After you finish the test, you will get a report telling you which one is correct or wrong. Start your test again, you might get the same questions and choice but they are just in different orders, then you know what to answer.

Some course providers make you pass the test really easy like putting the questions just right below the study material and you won’t be able to got to the next question until you get the answer right. What makes it even better is you only pay if you pass.

Sample Questions and Answers

These are only mock up questions and answers to give you a feeling of how the test like. They are not really exam questions. Different course provider have different set of test questions. Total number of questions are around 100. They are pretty easy. Don’t stress too much, just get a some drink next to you and relax.

What does RSA stand for?
________ ________of_______

Correct Answer: Responsible Service of Alcohol

When advertising Alcoholic products, can the producers show excessive alcohol consumption? (Correct Answer: B)

Does your employer need to keep a copy of your Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate on file? (Correct Answer: A)

Liquor cannot be sold or supplied to a person who is (Correct Answer: B)
A.under the age of 21
B.under the age of 18
C.over the age of 21

Select two organisations or positions that help enforce State Liquor Laws.(Correct Answer: B and C)
A.Fire Brigade
B.Compliance Officers
C.The State’s Police Force
D.Department of Education

How many standard drinks a day can you drink without harming your health? (Correct Answer: B)
A. Females: 5 standard drinks, Males: 7 standard drinks
B. Females: 2 standard drinks, Males: 4 standard drinks
C. Females: 7 standard drinks, Males: 11 standard drinks
D. Females: 4 standard drinks, Males: 8 standard drinks

In which of these situations can you refuse service? (Correct answers: A, C and D)
A. A customer enters your bar while drinking alcohol from a bottle
B. A customer asks for their seventh drink
C. A group of unaccompanied minors ask for a few drinks
D. A customer consumes a few drinks and starts quarrelling with other customers

On stubbie of 375ml of full strength beer is equal to how many standard drinks?
Correct answer: 1.5 standard drinks

Which of these servings of drinks contains the most alcohol?(Correct answer: C)
A. 375 ml light beer
B. Pot of full strength beer
C. 200 ml white wine
D. 60 ml port