Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate

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Cheapest RSA New South Wales  Courses Compare

The following list will save you a lot of work finding the cheapest RSA courses in NSW. The information is subject to course provides’ change. Lowest price is as of the time we visit their websites. We will endeavor to make sure the information is up to date. Course providers are welcome to contact us if any information in the list is incorrect.To find more information about RSA regulations in NSW, please go to Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing.

Please click the table header “Lowest Price($)” to sort the list!

ProviderLowest Price($)DeliveryReviews
Job Trainer Australia143onlinereviews
Express Online Training
Dr Ruby Training100classroomreviews
Centre For Training128classroomreviews
Coast To Country Training Services150classroomreviews
Workplace Training Group
DMP Training140classroomreviews
Express Online Training110correspondencereviews
The Coffee School110classroomreviews
CBD College110classroomreviews
Australia Training Solutions110classroomreviews
Health Services Training Australia110classroomreviews
Edway Training110classroomreviews
Infrom Staffing110classroom
Aspire Training140classroomreviews
Sydney Wine Academy175classroomreviews
Greenwich English College120classroom
Bar Max140classroomreviews
Sydney Bar School100classroomreviews
Essential Business Training120classroomreviews
TCP Training140classroomreviews
Training Aid Australia140classroomreviews
Jello Training140classroomreviews
Austrain Academy140classroomreviews
CFT QLD165classroomreviews
Syeney TAFE180classroom

As you can see from the above comparison table, to get a RSA certificate in Sydney you pay range from $100 to $180 depending on different course providers. Some providers are pretty well known like Sydney TAFE which is the most expensive on the table. Some are fairly new providers and they normally offer cheaper price. At the end of the day, as long as the course provider is legitimate provider, you will be fine. You can use this link to check the RSA course provider list provided by NSW government website. To get the right course, you also need to check the official RSA Certificate code : SITHFAB002 ( Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol course).

Acceptance of Online RSA in NSW from 2016

From 2016 NSW government starts accepting online RSA training course from very limited course providers. See this link for more details about the list of course providers.

Suspension of Online RSA training course

Online course is the best way and cheapest way to get your Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate.However recently NSW has changed regulation to ban online RSA course.

On 30th January 2013, NSW Parliament passed the law to give effect to new measures to handle alcohol-related violence.As a result of that, the government has suspend online Responsible Service of Alcohol training until changes have been made to the online certification.

As for when the suspend will be lifted, The state government do not have a time frame for this.That means any RSA course providers provide online training for NSW become illegitimate.

Only classroom or face to face RSA course will be accepted in New South Wales if you are thinking about taking a course.

Difference between online , correspondence and face to face course

Online, correspondence and face to face are three most common delivery methods proved by Australia training organisations.

Online courses are conducted via online learning portal or website.You can access all interactive course materials through the website. Assessment is also done via online system automatically.When you are trained by correspondence, you will receive copies of the student workbooks and a set of assessment tasks via mail or email.You can take your time doing the learning and assessments, and support is provided to all students undertaking training by this method. The assessment requires instructors involved. In simple term, correspondence is semi auto learning method.Face to face or classroom learning method is pretty much self explanatory. Every part of the process involves instructors.

Bear in mind, NSW do accept correspondence course even they don’t accept online course.

RSA Certificate Expiry Date

In NSW, once your have successfully completed the course and passed the test. You will be issued a competency card orold_new_RSA_certificate certificate to show your future employer. In some cases, you need an interim card before the official competency arrives to your letter box so you can start working. However If you work in in the Kings Cross precinct, you need to have a Competency RSA Photo Card before you can sell or serve alcohol. see attached photo to compare the old and new certificate.

The certificate expires in 5 years from the date of issue. If you are a holder of expired RSA certificate while serving alcohol, you are taking the risk of being fined by the  inspectors from the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing.Old style paper certificates are being phased out in stages until mid 2016.

The following table can help you to check if your certificate is expired:

RSA certificates issuedExpiry date
1 Jan 2001 – 31 Dec 2006expired
1 Jan 2007 – 31 Dec 2008expired
1 Jan 2009 – 31 Dec 2009expired
1 Jan 2010 – 21 Aug 201130 Jun 2016

Lost of RSA certificate or competence card?

Under the following circumstances and condition, you can apply for replacement of your card:

  • Your card is stolen, lost or damage.
  • You have changed your name.
  • Your card is still valid.

To apply for a new card, follow these steps:

  1. Fill out a form which can be download from here.
  2. Email to:

Sydney job outlook for RSA certificate holder

Sydney is a modern metropolitan city with many bars and restaurant.There arSydney RSA Jobse a lot of job opportunities in hospitality in Sydney if you are a RSA certificate holder. Any alcohol serving related positions like working in a bar in the pub, restaurant, stadium or event requires a RSA certificate. If you simply search Indeed for hospitality job in Sydney, you get 3506 results as time of writing. As you can see hospitality is a huge job market in Sydney.