Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate

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Top 5 Cheapest RSA Online Courses

The following list will save you a lot of work finding the cheapest RSA course online. The information is subject to course provides’ change. Lowest price is as of the time we visit their websites. We will endeavor to make sure the information is up to date. Course providers are welcome to contact us if any information in the list is incorrect.

ProviderValid in StateLowest Price($)
Job Trainer AustraliaNational58
Express Online TrainingNSW136
Express Online TrainingQLD, WA, SA, NT,ACT, TAS 24
Express Online TrainingVIC140

To see the complete list of cheapest online courses by state, click one of the following links: NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, ACT, WA, NT, TAS

What is Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA)?

RSA is short for Responsible Service of Alcohol. In Australia, in order to get a job in a position that requires serving alcohol to customers, a Responsible Service of Alcohol course is required. The Responsible Service of Alcohol course is a compulsory course and the training covers the law for each state of Australia. After finishing a course either online or face to face you will receive an RSA certificate. You have to provide this certificate with your resume to your potential employers otherwise they won’t even consider you application.

Every state has their own liquor regulations. Not every online course providers can provide accredit RSA course, which means you need to get more than one certificates if you want to work in different states. But some certificates can be used in multiple states. Also make sure you pick the right state before you commit an online course, otherwise you will waste you money and time. To get more details for each state’s liquor legislation, please refer each state’s government website if you do have time and interest to go through the details. For people from Victoria, you need to do a RSA Refresher course after you get your RSA certificate in 3 years time.

After you get a RSA certificate, you can work in many hospitality positions such as waiters, bar staff, or anywhere with liquor license.

My view about RSA

I love to share about my view about getting RSA certificate because I’ve done it before. Regarding to decide weather to get certificate via face to face or online, it is a no-brainer to go for online. Because it is much cheaper and you don’t need to worry about all the hassle going to the classroom. But some people do prefer face to face because they want to meet new people, then it is your choice. Often people assume most online courses are pretty much the same – you spend about 2 to 4 hours to get it done, therefore, price is the biggest factor to consider which course to go for. But this is not the case. A good online course will be easy to follow, provide lots of additional information to help you and will be as ‘real’ as possible in their training, so you are properly prepared for working in a licensed venue.

Well some people prefer over better looking website, again this is personal choice again. Apart from price, one most important thing to consider when choosing a online course provider is to make sure they are RTO (Registered Training Organisation) and course is accredited. If you have any doubt, don’t hesitate to contact the course provider before you enroll the course.

For some people, they are quite stress about sitting exam. Please believe me, it is not difficult to pass the online exam for RSA certificate. You can try the free RSA test questions beforehand to build up your confidence.

How much I earn after I get a RSA certificate

Each job is different, Each person is different. In my case my first year wage start from $24 per hour. Now it is my third year in my position. My wage is $26 per hour. It is not a lot of money but it does help to pay the bill if you have a shift once a week.

 What to do if I lost my RSA Certificate

I got a lot of emails from our website visitors asking me to reissue their RSA certificate. Rather than repeating my answer again and again, I put the answer here. We are not RSA course provider and we don’t issue RSA certificate. I strongly recommend you to contact your course provider to reissue the certificate. Our website has a database of most RSA course providers in Australia and you will find their contact details in the relevant provider’s review page.Normally your certificate expires in 3 years (subject to each state’s regulation). If you know your certificate is expired, there is no point to ask your provider to reissue it. Also I think it is not a bad idea to take a photo of your certificate as soon as you get your certificate so at least you know who your provider is and then later on you can contact them if you lost your certificate.

Can I do RSA Online course

This is another commonly asked question from our website visitors. My short answer is if your state accepts online RSA, it is a no brainer to go for it. But as I know not every state in Australia accept online RSA course, for example, Victorian government only recognises face to face or classroom RSA course. Also they provide you free refresher RSA course only if you got your certificate via classroom course previously including other states’ course. So read your state’s regulations, If it is not clear,read again or email them.

 Do still need the certificate if I have working experience at the bar at my home country

Yes, yes and yes. Responsible Service of Alcohol course will get you familiar with Australia laws for alcohol serving. You will find it is quite different from your home country. Technically you are qualified for your job because of your previous experience but if you don’t understand the Australia law, you might get into trouble when you are serving alcohol in Australia. You won’t get a job of serving alcohol anyway if you don’t have responsible service of alcohol certificate.