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Hosipitality Institute Of Australia – RSA Course Online Review

This page reviews RSA course provider, Hospitality Institution of Australia and their courses. The provider information is coming from the course website or other websites. We will do our best to make sure the information is correct.

For RSA course students, if  you or your friends have done any courses from this provider, please give it a rating and leave comment. That will help a lot for other people looking for a quality RSA course.

For RSA course providers, if you want to modify the information provided here, please contact us and we will change it as soon as possible.

Since 2003, we have been training people from all walks of life and many diverse countries. The Hospitality Institute of Australasia is a registered trading name of The Daniels Associates, a National Training Provider since 2003. In 2011, The Daniels Associates partnered with 2 hospitality experts to create the Hospitality Institute of Australasia.

Online Course Support: 1300 776 728

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Hosipitality Institute Of Australia - RSA Course Online Review, 3.1 out of 5 based on 87 ratings

21 Responses to Hosipitality Institute Of Australia – RSA Course Online Review

  1. Hi,
    Just completed my RSA with HIA and had no issues. You can save and come back to your work at any time, which I found handy as it is time consuming. Also, you can make mistakes in the exam questions and start again. It has unlimited attempts.

  2. Such a poorly organised company for student experience. Impossible to get ahold of anybody on the phone, they seem to reply to emails at a leisurely pace and when things go wrong IE technical faults they disappear into the recesses of cyberspace. Will never us this company again. I am still trying to get my interim certificate one week after starting the course!

  3. Do NOT use this company to get your RSA, whatever you do. They will never answer your phone calls or reply to your emails. They will mark you incorrect on answers which are objectively correct, and will not respond to emails asking for an explanation.

    • I did my RSA and it was fine, I had to redo a few assessments but after reading the information properly I am marked competent, just waiting to upload my video.

  4. Never, ever use this institute for any reason. They will not reply to emails and will not answer their phone (seriously, try to call them yourself and see). What should have been an overnight process to get my RSA has taken weeks.

  5. It won’t recognize my date of birth, written it in every possible way, so now I’ve wasted my money and can’t start that course

    • It happened to me as well but then i tryed to write mm/dd/yyyy and it recoognized mu date of birth, you have to put the month first sometimes

  6. To all the people that have had a bad experience will this shonkie company posing as a training provider. I wish I had read your guys comments before I signed up yesterday. If anyone wants to join me in making these clowns accountable, email me on

  7. THIS IS BY FAR GOT TO BE THE WORST ONLINE RSA COURSE EVER. First off I needed this done in two days, and knowing how easy these courses are to smash out and what I’d heard I was confident. But these questions were the WORST exam questions ive seen as they’re so subjective on top of it you reach an assessment piece you’ll have around 20-30 questions. Fuck one up you do it over again, now considering the question’s dont even have a right answer you keep guessing until you get there. I finished this in a day, I didn’t eat I didn’t move I literally did this for at least 6 hours. When I finally finished I had to submit a TWENTY SECOND video in response to another video of an angry customer. How the fuck do it do it calmly, which is what they want in 20 seconds?? Why does it need to be marked when others dont? Long story short I fled this ship went to another website finished it in an HOUR got my certificate straight away and sent it to my employer. I went to they have thousands of great reviews. This other website is such a piece of shit I’m almost certain its a scam. Oh, and eot won’t even charge you for your certificate until you pass the course. The website put me under a whole lot of unnecessary shit for nothing. THIS WEBSITE ISNT WORTH 5 CENTS

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