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RSA Refresher

In Victoria, if you want to get a RSA certificate you have to do a face to face course and they are the only state in Australia not accepting online RSA certificate. But the good news is you can do the RSA refresher course online. According to the Victoria government website: “Amendments made to the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 (the Act) now require all licensees and staff selling, offering or serving liquor for general, on-premises, packaged liquor and late night licences to complete the approved RSA online refresher course within three years of completing their last RSA program.”

What it means is after you get your first RSA certificate, it is only valid for 3 years. After three years, you don’t have to do another RSA face to face course. You can go a refresher course which is free of charge provided by the government via this link.

The whole purpose of this course is for the RSA Certificate holder to refresh their acknowledge. It is pretty easy and quick to finish the course. Roughly about an hour to finish and because it is online course you can do in in your own pace.

For more information about the RSA refresher course, you can give the Victoria government website through this link.

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  1. My RSA expired about 4 weeks ago, am i still able to do the Refresher course online or must i redo my whole RSA certificate because im outside of the valid period?

  2. My RSA expired 4 weeks ago am I still able to do the refresher course online or musr I redo the whole course because im outside the valid period.thanks

  3. I am in need of a copy of my Certificate of completion under the name of:
    URY AIRES – wat 0083552 – completed in August 2016.

    My email address is:

    Kindly advise if this is possible and if there is any cost involced

    Thank you somuch

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