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First Season So Far

my story at work

This is my first AFL season working in this new stadium. Due to I went oversea for a month I didn’t get a regular shift arrangement for this season.

They call me “runner”. A runner basically means they want you only when someone is not available. In basketball term I am a bench player.

Anyway I don’t mind what they call me as long as I get shifts and money. I asked them to put me back to a bar instead of making coffee and they agree. Since last month, I have been working in the bar. I am quite comfortable working in a bar.

I have many years working behind bar. The bar layout in the new stadium is quite different. They separate the role of servicing drinks and taking money. I work in both area. There are something new to me but I pick up the skills very quickly.

Funny enough I don’t feel the same when I am working in different bars. I don’t seem to like talking to new colleague anymore. Simply I don’t know them and I don’t see them regularly. This is something I miss most when I was working for the old stadium.

This time of the year is my least favor time because of the weather. I work on the third floor of the stadium and it is very cold. Also I need to walk a long way back to my car after I finish my shift.

Before I forget, just want to share a little funny story with you. Last night was a very busy night at the bar. We only sell one beer which “Super Dry”. We have a multi-pourer and I worked at the machine most of the time. My workmate said I look after the Super (short for Super Dry) and I joke to our customers: I am a super man. They find it quite funny.

Thanks for your time reading my post!


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