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Massive shift

my story at work

I had a massive four days shift for my new job. On average, each day I worked 9 hours. I must say I am really getting old. I was so tired. I even don’t want to talk at the end of the day.

It was totally new environment for everyone. First day was very cold and I was put in a bar located in an open hall. I knew it was going to be cold so I borrowed a jumper uniform.

What angered me was my supervisor told me I cannot wear it after she talked to someone on the phone. You know we only had a very short and thin uniform. There was no way we can stand such cold weather with it. So I told my supervisor what I thought but she didn’t care until even herself felt too cold and asked for jumper. But no one gave her jumper. I put my jumper back on until the end of the day

Second day I started a bit earlier. The lady managed our shift saw I was sitting and waiting. She asked if if I want to help someone out. I said yes, so she put me on a coffee cart. I partnered with a girl. I don’t know how to make coffee, so I worked on the till. I knew it was going to be very busy so I tried to help her but she didn’t teach me a thing but still very bossy. It was so hard to work with such type of person.

Third day and forth day I went back to my bar. I was told by my supervisor that we had a second person in charge now. I don’t like her at all. She just bossy around and tell people off. For example I asked her how to do refund. She asked me back why I need to do refund. I said the beer is off. She questioned me why I took the money first. I think she is trying tell me off based on nothing. She always has a long face and never smile.

Thanks godness the massive shift is over. I reckon I need at least a week to recover.

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