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My final decision

my story at work

In the last post,  I told you guys I was thinking about quitting my job in hospitality. Now I have decided to quit due to unforeseen family issue. I was hoping to keep my job for one year withing taking shifts.

So I emailed the HR and explained my situation and told them how loyal I was and really hoping to keep the job. The answer from them was very disappointing.

Basically what they are saying was take it or leave it. I decided to leave it. I don’t seem to have choice because family is always the priority. I am hoping to keep the job because the state economic is not looking good. The unemployment is very high.

Well you always come to the points in your life that you don’t have much choice. I am not terribly upset for the HR’s decision. Looking back, I had been working in hospitality for 6 years now. You can see many different types of people by working in this industry. It was good working experience for someone like me from oversea. You can really experience the local culture by working with local people. I believe the skills I learned from my hospitality job will benefit my other jobs as well even they are not related.

Will I go back to work in hospitality again? Not sure at this stage but you never know. Never says never.


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