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Patience is the best virtue

my story at work

When you think people come to stadium watching cricket is nicer? You are wrong!  When you think older people have more patience? You are wrong! When you think older people care money less? You are wrong.

I meet funny/weird/strange people in almost every shift. Today is no difference. The stadium introduced a new policy that you need a password when you want to open the till for no sale reason. I think is a pain in the ass when you are working on the till.

A man in his 60s or 70s came to the bar bought a pint of  5 seeds. I put in the till as a pint of super dry by mistake. The price difference is only 30 cents. This old man found out straight away. I apologized and promised to give him the money back. I had problem opening the still without password. I kindly asked him wait until next customer came and I can open the till. But he just behaved like a pest keep asking for money back.

I told him to just wait for a couple of minutes. Without a word he went away but come back 1 minute later and chasing for his 30 cents again. I was very close to take 30 cents from my own pocket and gave it to him. Luckily this time someone was paying his beer by cash. I open the still and gave him the 30 cents back. He said something rude after getting his money back. I said to the other customer: “such a old grumpy man!” quietly.

My conclusion is: Patience is the best virtue!

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