Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate

Welcome to RSA ( Responsible Alcohol Service) Online Guide ! Your best online guide beyond RSA certification. What this website can do for you: 1.Find all the cheapest RSA courses online in Australia 2.Search jobs 3. Get skills and have fun!

Why RSA Online Guide is useful?

my story at work

Recently I got an email from one of the website visitors. It was a very short email, just one sentence: very good website, thanks. Even the message was short, but it was so encouraging. I feel so happy when someone do appreciate your hard work.

There is no doubt this is only a small website. Some people may doubt whether this website is useful. I can answer these questions now. I can tell you it is a lot of work to keep this website going. It takes a long time to compile and maintain all RSA course comparison tables.

It is also very time consuming to get people to review RSA course providers. I use a very manual way which is to ask people around on the internet through social media. Sometimes I only get one response when I ask 20 people. The other day, a guy even said I am a spammer. If I am a spammer, I think I am the most stupid spammer on the plannet. I am a strong believer of word of mouth, so I believe our genuine reviews will provide true value for RSA students.

Going back to the course comparison tables, they will save ton of time if you are looking for cheap RSA course in your state. On the other, course providers benefit from them as well.

Why? Because we save them a lot of time doing market research in term of pricing. They will review their price strategic once they visit our website. If they found their price is too high compared with their competitors, they will lower their price. I think that in turn will do a big favour for anyone looking for RSA course as well. In other words, our website indirectly help better pricing.

To conclude, our website is useful from both providers and students prospective. Also I believe your contribution to the website will also make it more useful. Please help us to help others.

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