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Work for the bills

my story at work

New football season is on. I am getting more shifts from bar work. Also good news is I am working more regularly on the same bar. I used to work at this bar as cashier. Now I am spending more time serving customers.

You will get very tired after the shift if you serve customers instead of being a cashier. But the good things are you get warmer in winter time which is around the corner. Our bar is located at the corner of 3rd floor. When it is raining or windy in winter time, it is freezing cold if you work at the till.

Keep moving around the bar can keep me warm. also you feeling time passes more quickly. Both serving and working at the till are robotic work But serving customers is slightly more interesting as long as you don’t serve some weird customers.

Feeling more at home now at this bar? Not really. HR people always try to make their employees feel at home. I don’t think this is going to work because people come here for money not having good time. Imaging if they cut the rate in half see how many people will come to work. Sometimes you do make some friends here. But the bar is always busy, we don’t even have chance to talk to other people. Occasionally we even hit someone accidentally when not much room in the bar. Some people could over react on it and cause unnecessary conflict.

Do I enjoy this work? Not really! Do I hate this job? Not really! why you still working behind the bar then? I work just because of my bills.

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